How Does Age Affect Auto Insurance Rates?

Age is one of the major factors that insurance companies check when you are requesting a quote for your car insurance.

An auto insurance company looks at a driver’s age to generally measure driving experience and accident risk.

Insurers know that if a driver has more years behind the wheel, they have more driving experience and it is less likely that the driver will get into an accident and submit reimbursement claims.

This means that the insurance company will incur fewer costs to have the driver insured and in return they offer a lower priced policy.

Average Auto Insurance Rate According To Age

In general, the youngest drivers pay the most for insurance while middle-aged drivers pay the least.

Car insurance costs decrease and reach the lowest rate for people in their 50s and may increase when they are in their 60s and above.

As a rule of thumb, insurance premiums are the highest for teen and young adult drivers aged 16 to 24. Average costs range from around $7,000 per year at age 16 to around $3,000 per year at age 21.

At age 25, average insurance rates rapidly decrease to around $2,000 per year and continue to decline until age 55 having the best rates.

At age 55, insurance costs are around $1,500 per year – reaching the lowest cost – then slightly increase to around $1,700 at age 65 and around $2,000 at age 85.

Is your age high-risk?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, young drivers aged 16 – 19 are three times more likely to get involved in a car accident. This is why young drivers pay more. The insurance company thinks that they are more prone to incidents and accidents so they charge higher rates for this age group.

On the other hand, mature drivers in their mid-30s to late 50s acquired better driving skills and road mastery leading to lower accident rates.

Moreover, once a driver reaches the age of 60, premium rates slowly go up because aging comes into play. Drivers above 60 years old generally have poorer eyesight and slower driving reflexes than they once had and that has an impact on their driving ability.

So the higher the risk for you to get involved in an accident according to your age, the more expensive the insurance rates will be.

How Do You Save Money on Car Insurance?

There are a number of effective ways for young, middle-aged, and older drivers alike to save more money on auto insurance.

Shopping around is the best strategy to save money on insurance costs. There are insurance companies that give better prices for young drivers compared to others.

Some companies are found to be the most affordable insurer for young drivers. All you have to do is ask around and get quotes from at least three companies until you find the best deal.

You can also compare prices online as most large insurers allow you to start a quote on their website.

Another way to save money is by checking with insurance companies to see if there are any available promotions or discounts.

Teenagers may get up to 10% off by maintaining good grades or taking certified driver’s education classes. Teens and young adults also benefit by being on their parent’s policy. Adding a teen or young adult to a current parental policy generally raises the policy rates less than if the teen or young adult were on a policy alone.

Seniors may also get discounts by taking defensive driving classes.

There are also companies offering “55 and Retired” promos where drivers aged 55 and above who are retired instantly qualify for a 10% discount.

The bottom line is auto insurance rates can be expensive for some age groups, however it’s something we all need. You just need to have money-saving strategies to get the lowest quotes and best deals.

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Car Insurance Rate

Are you wondering about what your credit score has to do with how much premium you’ll pay for your car insurance?

Do you need to apply for a new car insurance policy?

Do you have a pretty stellar credit score?

If yes, you are more likely to get lower car insurance rates. And if not, you may want to work on building good credit.

Let’s take a look at how your credit score can affect your car insurance rate.

What is a credit score and why does it matter?

Your credit score usually refers to a three-digit number reflecting your creditworthiness.

Also known as FICO scores (named after Fair Isaac Corporation, the inventor), it ranges from 300 to 850, 300 being the lowest and 850, the highest.

These numbers show a pretty good picture of your financial history and behavior to lenders and insurance companies.

Your credit score matters to them because they will use it to gauge if you can manage to pay your bills and loans on time.

A higher number lets them know that you are a borrower who comes with less risks and can result in a higher chance of approval. You also get to enjoy lower rates and more flexible terms.

Why do car insurance companies care about your credit score?

Car insurance companies won’t just look at your regular credit score. What they do is analyze key aspects of your credit history so that they can come up with a credit-based insurance score. This credit-based insurance score is weighted differently than your regular credit rating.

Insurance companies only care about the information that relates to risks and potential car insurance losses. Their aim is to determine the risk, just like other lenders and financial institutions, but they don’t care about your location and income.

There are agencies like FICO, LexisNexis, and TransUnion who calculate credit-based insurance scores. They look for the following:

  • Your history of payments (includes late payments and delinquencies)
  • Credit history length
  • All your credit account numbers and types like loans and credit cardsOn-going and outstanding debt
  • How and where you utilized your credit
  • New applications for credit

How do insurance-based credit scores affect car insurance rates?

Having a really low credit score can cost you thousands of dollars in car insurance rates. If you have a low credit score it is recommended that you raise your credit score at least a hundred points or more so you could possibly save up to around $1,000 a year on your car insurance premiums.

The amount of money you can save varies, however, depending on your current score and insurance provider.

Each insurer has their own algorithms to calculate rates so it’s also best to gather information from different providers.

Remember though, if you have a low score, you’ll more likely end up paying a higher premium as you appear to have a higher insurance risk.

It’s best to avoid having extremely low credit scores and aim for a fair to good score so that you’ll enjoy the benefits of paying lower car insurance rates.

The added benefit of raising your credit score is that other companies will want to do business with you and offer you lower prices, too. So it’s an all around win for you.

Start building your credit score today for lower rates on car insurance, loans, credit cards, and more.


How To Handle A Car Insurance Claim In A Snap

Your auto protection guarantee doesn’t need to be a bother. Figure out how Progressive auto back up plan can deal with your protection guarantee rapidly with it’s straightforward procedure.

(NAPSI)- A mishap can take seconds to happen, however in the event that your auto is harmed, dealing with the repair procedure can take days. From announcing the claim and getting a rental auto to picking a repair shop, it’s a considerable measure of work and truly, who has room schedule-wise?

Luckily, drivers with a claim have different choices. For instance, driving auto back up plan Progressive offers its clients an attendant level of cases administration that deals with the whole procedure from start to finish.

Here’s the manner by which the procedure works:

• Make an arrangement whenever it might suit you to drop off your auto at a Progressive attendant service focus. In around 15 minutes, a specialist claims delegate will check you in, investigate the harms with you and begin your claim. On the off chance that you’d like, a rental auto will sit tight for you (arrangement scope changes).

• When you drive off, the cases delegate readies your repair appraise and sends your auto to an auto body shop that has met Progressive’s strict quality prerequisites.

• The Progressive cases delegate will keep you upgraded all through the procedure.

• When the work is done, the vehicle is come back to the administration focus where your delegate investigates the nature of repairs.

• Once happy with the repairs, the administration focus calls you to plan a pickup. When you get your auto, the cases agent will run over the repairs with you.The repairs are ensured by both Progressive and the body look for whatever length of time that you possess or rent the vehicle.

This discretionary attendant service is accessible at no charge to Progressive clients and anybody required in a claim with a Progressive client. There are 54 Progressive administration focuses countrywide.

A mishap can take seconds to happen, however in the event that your auto is harmed, dealing with the repair procedure can take days.


Save On Insurance When Buying A New Car

Save money on protection when purchasing another auto. Discover how to get shabby, safe auto protection. You can likewise get some answers concerning lessening auto protection rates with your present auto back up plan.

(NC)— Dreaming of another auto while watching out at your carport every day? Another auto, regardless of whether it’s new off the showroom floor or only new to you, is one of the biggest buys you will make, however recall to consider your protection costs before you sign the papers and drive off the part.

Protection rates are halfway controlled by the sort of auto you claim. “When you have a couple of autos as a top priority, you ought to call your protection operator to perceive how much protection would cost for every model you’re thinking about,” said Eric Michalko of Allstate Insurance Company of Canada.

In the event that an auto is hard to take or has bring down repair costs than different models, this can bring down your yearly protection rates. “Also, regardless of what you’ve listened, red autos are not more costly to safeguard than different hues,” said Michalko.

Different variables that help decide auto protection rates:

• Cars with higher wellbeing appraisals will spare you cash since they keep tenants more secure in the event that you are in a mischance;

• Older autos cost less to protect on the grounds that the cost to supplant or repair them is lower;

• If you have a higher deductible on your arrangement (e.g. your share of the cost of a claim), then you will bring down your month to month protection rate, however you should pay more out of pocket on the off chance that you are in a mischance;

• A predictable accident–free and conviction–free driving record will keep your rates lower;

• Tell your protection operator on the off chance that you are just utilizing the auto on ends of the week and not for heading to work. This can lessen rates.

Most insurance agencies, as Allstate Canada, will lessen your protection rates on the off chance that you have both auto and home protection approaches with a similar protection supplier or have various vehicles on your strategy.


Seven Ways To Save On Auto Insurance.

Why pay premium costs for your auto protection approach in the event that you don’t need to.

(NAPSI)- – What you pay for your collision protection can differ by several dollars, contingent upon what kind of auto you drive, your mishap history and the insurance agency that gives the strategy. To spare cash on your accident protection strategy, remember these seven tips:

1. Get some information about Discounts.

You may meet all requirements for one on the off chance that you haven’t had any mischances or moving infringement for quite a while. In the event that you drive a lower than normal number of miles a year, you may fit the bill for low mileage rebates. Approach your protection specialist about rebates for:

• Antitheft gadgets

• Defensive driving courses

• Long-time clients

• Insuring more than one auto

• No mishaps in three years

• No moving infringement in three years

• Student drivers with decent evaluations.

2. Get Multiple Quotes.

Rates can fluctuate enormously and they change regularly. Audit your scope at any rate yearly.

3. Diminish Coverage On Older Cars.

Consider dropping crash or exhaustive scope on more seasoned autos. On the off chance that the auto is worth under 10 times the yearly premium, purchasing scope may not be practical. You can look into the estimation of your auto at Kelley Blue Book,

4. Request A Higher Deductible.

Deductibles are what you pay out before your protection kicks in. By getting higher ones, you can bring down your expenses considerably. Before picking a higher deductible, in any case, put aside enough cash to pay for required repairs.

5. Package Your Insurance.

You can frequently get a break on the off chance that you purchase at least two sorts of protection from a similar supplier, for example, auto and mortgage holders. You may likewise get a markdown in the event that you have more than one vehicle guaranteed with a similar organization.

6. Think about Costs.

A few organizations offer a rebate in the event that you drive a cross breed or low-profile auto. Before you purchase another or utilized auto, register with the protection costs.

7. Keep up A Good Credit Record.

Most back up plans figure credit evaluating accident protection approaches. To secure your credit standing, pay your bills on time, don’t get more credit than you need and keep your acknowledge adjusts as low as could be expected under the circumstances. Check your credit record routinely and have any blunders adjusted speedily.

Converse with your companions, family and associates about the rebates they get and get some information about rebates particularly accessible to you.


Get the best car insurance rate

When you think about the cost of auto protection, it’s essential to investigate each alternative with the goal that you’ll get the scope you require at a value you can bear.

Here are eight tips for getting the best auto protection bargains.

1. Look around

Get a quote from no less than three respectable insurance agencies so you can analyze costs and scope. Rates will differ starting with one organization then onto the next, and the most reduced evaluated protection may not give all of you the scope you require. Take a gander at value, measure of scope, advantages and claims benefits before you settle on your choice.

2. Alter your approach

On the off chance that an organization quotes their best auto protection cost and it’s somewhat outside your range, you may bring down it by rolling out little improvements. A higher deductible on your vehicle, for instance, may bring down your rate. Remember however, that if you somehow managed to record a claim, your out-of-pocket costs could increment.

3. Markdown your way to the best collision protection cost

Auto protection rebates bring down costs fundamentally. Remaining mischance free, having a hostile to burglary gadget on your vehicle or your high schooler driver’s decent evaluations could likewise cut expenses.

You may likewise be qualified for a proclivity rebate in case you’re an individual from a club, sorority, graduated class affiliation, credit union, sports gathering, or expert association that has banded together with Nationwide.

4. Consolidate approaches

You may save money on your accident protection approach when you guarantee more than one vehicle. On the other hand by consolidating your accident protection arrangement with other protection strategies, for example, mortgage holders protection or disaster protection.

5. Keep up a decent FICO assessment

Most guarantors will figure in the quality of your FICO score while deciding the cost of your strategy. A higher FICO rating could mean lower rates, so take care to keep up a decent appraising.

6. Drive precisely

It’s truly that basic. On the off chance that you have no less than five years of driving knowledge and no mischances in the course of recent years, you may fit the bill for a sheltered driver markdown. What’s more, with Accident Forgiveness, we won’t raise your collision protection rates taking after the first to blame auto crash.

7. Consider auto wellbeing elements and protective driving

You could spare cash on your auto protection rate if your vehicle is furnished with an against burglary gadget, full front-situate airbags or limitation gadgets that work naturally when your entryway closes. You may get a cautious driver markdown when you effectively entire an engine vehicle mischance avoidance course affirmed by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

8. Request a consistent survey of your protection

Ensure your arrangement keeps pace with your life. Also, you get the rebates you merit. We suggest you exploit a free On Your Side® Review each year, or at whatever point you’ve had an adjustment in your life.

Prepared to get a protection cite?

Begin your look for the best accident coverage by getting an online auto protection cite from InsurancesPlus.