6 Reasons You Get Denied For Health Insurance

Are you planning to apply for health insurance in the near future?

One thing to keep in mind when looking for a new or additional health insurance policy is that Americans can’t be denied for health insurance because of pre-existing conditions according to the Affordable Care Act.

But there are still a number of reasons you could get denied for health insurance coverage. These are the exceptions to the rule.

Read on to educate yourself and learn more about why someone might get denied for health insurance so you can avoid these when you apply..

1. Annual Income

If you are applying for health insurance plans administered by the government like Medicare or Medicaid, you can be rejected if your income is above the maximum level.

You can still qualify for a government health plan depending on a few factors.

For example, a family with five children can be allowed to earn more and still apply for medical insurance. But a family that earns more with just one child may be denied.

Make sure to check this information regularly as the base numbers can change annually.

2. Hazardous Occupation

If your career is considered hazardous, you are more likely to be denied health insurance coverage.

The number of jobs considered to be high-risk by insurance companies are few so the likelihood this practice would affect you is low.

People who work in occupations that are considered to be dangerous may be denied coverage when they attempt to purchase health insurance on their own.

3. Unpaid Premiums

There are some applicants who are denied because they failed to pay the premiums of their previous insurance plans.

Failing to pay your premiums could keep you from getting health insurance coverage due to the risk the company would be taking that you would pay them when you didn’t pay previously.

Getting approved for health insurance when you owe premiums on another policy would be unlikely.

Most insurance companies will do their due diligence with a background check to see if there are any collection accounts under your name and they will pay particularly close attention if they find one from another insurance company. You may be disqualified based on this criteria alone.

4. Falsified Tax Returns

Another reason you might be denied health insurance coverage is if you have intentionally given false information on your tax returns.

This may apply if you are applying for Medicare, Medicaid, or other plans from the health insurance marketplace.

If you’re caught falsifying information, you will be banned from applying for a government healthcare plan for the rest of your life.

5. Spouse Coverage

Some people may be denied government health insurance due to the fact that their spouse has a plan that can cover them.

You can apply and get coverage through the healthcare marketplace, it just won’t be subsidized by the government. This type of health insurance subsidy is for people who don’t have another way to get health insurance.

If you have a spouse who has insurance and you can be placed on that plan, then you actually don’t qualify for any government subsidy for health insurance.

6. Health Risks

People who drink or smoke or engage in other activities that are considered a health risk aren’t covered under the aforementioned pre-existing condition exceptions.

These types of activities are choices that affect your health, not things beyond your control that existed prior to you applying for insurance.

These are just some of the reasons you can be denied health insurance coverage. Keep these things in mind when you begin looking for a policy to make your chances of getting the right policy more likely.